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Government Of Assam Industries & Commerce

Domestic Gas connection

  • Application cum agreement Form to be collected from office or download from Company’s website at a cost of Rs.20/-
  • Fill up the Application Form
  • Enclosures along with the form
    • Land Ownership document of the applicant
    • NOC from Municipality Board in case of Municipal Area
    • Declaration Form for undertaking for keeping LPG equipment in safe custody of Oil Marketing Companies
  • submission of Form in the concerned office & payment through bank of the following:
    • Rs6500/- Lumpsum as advance which includes Rs 1500/ as SD + Rs5000/- material/installation cost
    • Rs.20/- Application Form fee
  • Assesment and estimate to be carried out by Company. Outstanding/ balance payment/refund is made as the case may be
  • Connection work & Commisioning

Monthly Charges to be paid by Domestic Consumers of Piped Natural Gas

  1. The price of piped natural gas for consumption of domestic consumers in the year 2012 is fixed at 16.00 per SCM considering the rate of 4200.00 per 1000 SCM. The unit cost of 16.00 per SCM is variable subject to change in gas price fixed by MOP & NG, Govt. of India, other Govt. levies and as per guidelines of PNGRB regulations. The unit cost of 16.00 per SCM is also variable as and when the exchange value of rupees changes with the dollar values. Each domestic connection has to pay Minimum Demand Charge (M.D.C.) value equivalent to cost of 15 SCM gasi.e 240.00 per month which is variable to the unit cost of per SCM gas. Within the Minimum Demand Charge (M.D.C.), the consumer can consume 15 SCM gas per connection. Beyond the consumption of 15 SCM gas, the consumer has to pay @ 16.00 per SCM or at the variable rate.
  2. The unit price of piped natural gas/ Minimum Demand Charge (M.D.C.) will be revised from time to time based on the escalation in overhead cost, changes in gas price by the Govt. of India, Royalty and Taxes by Govt. etc. changes in natural gas price, taxes and levies by the govt.will be charged to consumers from the date of effect. The revision of gas price due to other reasons will be made once in a year.
  3. At the time of submission of form an amount of 5000.00 ( five thousand) only, is to be deposited in favour of Assam Gas Co. Ltd., Duliajan payable at notified bank of the company. The amount is taken as an interest free refundable security deposit toward the last mile connectivity charges that includes the following equipment, facilities and labour cost. i) Riser isolation valve before the metering unit, ii) Ten meters of pipe upto the metering unit, (iii) Metering unit, iv) Five meters of pipe or tube from the metering unit to the PRV, v) Suraksha hose pipe of standard size connecting the domestic PNG burner. The domestic PNG consumer shall bear the actual cost of material and labour charges for pipe and the tubing in excess of length specified above which is to be paid before commissioning of the connection by cheque or cash in AGCL bank account number.
  4. An additional security deposit of 1500.00 is to be paid for each domestic connection as payment security of bills before commissioning of the connection.