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Apply for Filing Entrepreneurs Memorandum

Apply for Filing Entrepreneurs Memorandum Part 2


  • EM-1, Company Registration certificate along with Article of Memorandum of Association, Partnership deed, Co-operative registration certificate, as applicable.
  • Rent/Lease deed, allotment letter from any Government agency, non-incumbent certificate, as applicable.
  • List of plant and Machinery as per prescribed format.
  • Consent of Operation from Pollution Control, NOC from local body, Power sanction letter, Challan against First sale , Sanction letter of Bank/FI, Appraisal Report of Bank/FI, 1st Electricity Bill, 1st Bill of purchase of Raw materials, etc as applicable.
  • List of employees with name and designation.
  • Registration of VAT/CST, Service tax, Central Excise, as applicable.

Glossary of terms

MSMED Act: Micro , Small Medium Enterprises Development Act
EM : Entrepreneurs Memorandum
DICC: District Industries & Commerce Centre
NOC: No Objection Certificate

Entrepreneurs Memorandum, Part-II (EM-II)

To facilitating the promotion and development and also enhancing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises the Micro, Small medium Enterprises Act, 2006 was enacted. According to the Act any person intended to set up Manufacturing or Service enterprises may file Memorandum at his discretion. Definition of enterprises under the Act is as follows:
(i) Micro Enterprise:
  Manufacturing : Where the investment in Plant & machinery does not exceed Rs.25 lakh
  Service : Where the investment in Plant & machinery does not exceed Rs.10 lakh
(ii) Small Enterprise
  Manufacturing : Where the investment in Plant & machinery is more than Rs.25 lakh but does not exceed Rs.500 lakh.
  Service : Where the investment in Plant & machinery is more than Rs.10 lakh but does not exceed Rs.200 lakh.
(iii) Medium Enterprise  
  Manufacturing : Where the investment in Plant & machinery is more than Rs.500 lakh but does not exceed Rs.1000 lakh.
  Service : Where the investment in Plant & machinery is more than Rs.200 lakh but does not exceed Rs.500 lakh.
There are two types of Entrepreneurs Memorandum, viz (i) EM part-I ( EM-I) and EM part-II (EM-II). There is no fee for processing or issuing EM-I or EM-II and the General Manager ,District Industries & Commerce Centres (DICC) are the competent authority to issue Acknowledgment of EM-I/EM-II.

The EM-I will help the investor to apply for land/shed allotment, power sanction, application for loan, factory license, NOC from Pollution Control Board, etc. However , EM-I is valid for only two years from the date of receipt of Acknowledgment.

The EM-II should be file within 6 months from the date of going into commercial production. EM-II enable the entrepreneurs to avail the benefit of various incentives under the Central/State policies. In Assam, prior permission for submission of EM-I/EM-II is required from the State Government if the activity related to Coal and Bought Tea Leave Factory.

Salient features of the approve guidelines of the scheme are as follows

  • The activity should be under the purview of MSMED Act, 2006.
  • The unit should have valid EM-I
  • The unit should submit their application for EM-II within 6 months from the date of going into commercial production.
  • List of machinery and list of employee, as per prescribed format should be submitted along with the application.
    Ensue that right application forms are filled up.

Overall process flow for the Service

Flow Chart for Issuance of EM-II - Annexure-A

  1. Application to be submitted online at www.easeofdoingbusinessinassam.in and get a hard copy of the application Form-1./li>
  2. The hard copy of the Form-1 along with all relevant documents, certificates, as applicable, to be submitted to the local DICC where the establishment is located.
  3. On receipt of the application along with the documents, same should be physically verified by the district officials.
  4. General Manager of the concerned district will issue the Acknowledgement within 30 days from the date of submission of application.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The activity should be falls within the purview of Manufacturing or Service sector activities under provision of MSMED Act, 2006. However , any activities on Coal and setting up of Bought Tea Leave factory , prior permission from the State Government may be obtained.
  2. Unit should have EM-1.
  3. Should submit the EM-II within 6 months from the date of going into commercial production.

Guidelines for Filing up the form

  1. Applicant should log in to www.easeofdoingbusinessinassam.in for online submission of application for EM-II.
  2. While filing the application form the column for NIC/ASICC/Village/Town/Tehsil/District/State Codes shall be avoided. These Codes are to be filled up by the DICC at the time of issuance of Acknowledgement for EM-II.
  3. The list of plant and machinery as per Form:B and list of Employee as per Form:C should be submitted as per format in hard copy.
  4. Avoid to use ".00" ( dot Zero zero) while putting up any figure in the Fixed investment column. The numerical figure should be from right to left only.
  5. Hard copy of the application form along with the required documents shall be submitted to DICC for issuance of Acknowledgement of EM-II.

Fee including the payment mode

There is no fee for applying EM-II.

Accompanying documents required including

(a) Certificates
As per Checklist, following Certificates, as applicable, are required to submit :
   1. NOC /Consent of Operation from the Pollution control Board ( if applicable) , NOC from Local Body, Factory License ( if applicable), Non-incumbent Certificate in case of purchased of land , etc are the major certificate required for filing EM-II
   2.List of Machinery and List of Employee as per Form:B & C.
(b) Photo Id, size, quality, signature etc.
   Every documents need to be signed by the authorized person/s . No Photo ID is required for filing application. Applicant may put their digital signature if so desired.

Important Timeline

(a) Due date of submission:
   Within 6 month from the date of commercial production of the unit.
(b) Time for processing:
   DICC will issue Acknowledgement of EM-II within 30 days from the date of submission of application.

How to apply

(i) Make sure that the unit is eligible to apply and follow the steps.
  1. The unit should have EM-I and also be eligible for filing EM-II.
  2. The unit should log in to www.easeofdoingbusinessinassam.in and submit the application and get printed copy of the application Form:A.
  3. Application along with Form:B &C and with all other relevant documents to be submitted to concerned District Industries & Commerce Centre ( DICC) .
  4. DICC will make a physical verification , authenticated all documents and issue Acknowledgement of EM-II within 30 days.
(ii) Complete forms to be filled.
  (a) Form to be filled
  (b) Guidelines for filling form
(iii) Ensure that you attach the relevant documents as per check list.
(iv) Pay the required fee : There is no fee for applying for EM-II.

Whether the service is Offline or Online

(a) For Offline :
(b) For online : www.easeofdoingbusinessinassam.in
Service outcome:
The unit is eligible to enjoy the benefit provided by the Central/State Government from time to time.

Forms to be filled

Form-A: Application form for submitting Entrepreneurs Memorandum PART-II ( EM- II)
Form-B: List of Machinery
Form-C: List of Employee

Whom to contact for any queries:

For any quarries, the applicant may contact General Manager, DICCs in their telephone no, OR may send mail . Addresses of General Managers with e-mail, phone no is as follows:

Addresses of District Industries & Commerce Centres (DICC), Assam



Name of DICC

Address of DICC with e-mail



The General Manager
DICC, Baska, Mussalpur
e-mail: baska@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Barpeta
e-mail: barpeta@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Bongaigaon, Industrial Estate, Bongaigaon
e-mail: bongaigaon@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Cachar, Sonai Road, Silchar
e-mail: cachar@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Chirang, Kajalgaon
e-mail: chirang@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Darrang, Mangoldoi
e-mail: darrang@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Dhemaji
e-mail: dhemaji@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Dhubri, Gauripur
e-mail: dhubri@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Dibrugarh, CR Building
e-mail: dibrugarh@diccassam.com


Dima Hasao

The General Manager
DICC, Dima Hasao, Haflong
e-mail: nchills@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Goalpara
e-mail: goalpara@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Golaghat
e-mail: golaghat@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Hailakandi
e-mail: hailakandi@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Jorhat, I/E Cinammora
e-mail: jorhat@diccassam.com


Kamrup (Metro)

The General Manager
DICC, Kamrup, Guwahati-21
e-mail: kamrup@diccassam.com


Karbi Anglong

Additional Director of Industries & Commerce
DICC, Karbi-Anglong, Diphu
e-mail: karbianglong@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Karimganj
e-mail: karimganj@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Kokrajhar
e-mail: kokrajhar@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Lakhimpur
e-mail: lakhimpur@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Morigaon
e-mail: morigaon@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Nagaon
e-mail: nagaon@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Nalbari,
e-mail: nalbari@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Sivasagar
e-mail: sivasagar@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Sonitpur, Tezpur
e-mail: sonitpur@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Tinsukia, Borguri
e-mail: tinsukia@diccassam.com



The General Manager
DICC, Udalguri
e-mail: udalguri@diccassam.com


Kamrup (Rural)

The General Manager
DICC, Kamrup (Rural)
Mirza, Dakshin Kamrup College Road, Mirza
e-mail : kamrup_r@diccassam.com